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Submit your manuscript to JABAET Journal (No.22)

JABAET Journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes original research articles and practical reports on second/foreign language learning and teaching. We look forward to receiving your submission.
You need to be a member of the Japan-Britain Association for English Teaching (JABAET).


MONOI Naoko / YABUTA Yukiko
Editor, JABAET Journal

JABAET Journal, No. 22 (2018年度発行) の原稿を募集します。どうぞ奮って御応募ください。

JABAET Journalは,第二言語・外国語の学習と教育に関する研究論文と実践報告の原著論文を掲載する,審査付きの学術誌です。皆様の投稿をお待ちしております。

学会誌編集委員長 物井尚子(千葉大学) 籔田由己子(清泉女学院短期大学)

All manuscripts are first reviewed by the Editorial Board to check whether the manuscripts comply with the JABAET Journal Guidelines. Those considered for publication are sent out for blind external review. Evaluation is usually completed in approximately 3 months. The next issue of the Journal is scheduled to be published around December 2018.


JABAET Journal, No. 22

投稿締め切り(paper submissions due): 2018年2月28日(February 28, 2018)  締切延長 (Deadline extended) 2018年3月21日(March 21, 2018) 

投稿先(submission): 物井尚子 (nmonoi [at]